Education Policy

The Miseducation of Mitt Romney


Last week, Mitt Romney focused his campaign on education policy and visited a charter school in West Philadelphia. Romney parroted the standard conservative line on education:¬†implementing vouchers that can be used at private and charter schools. School vouchers may be…

Breakfast in America: May 22, 2012

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Tuesday link roundup: Because we’re all still talking about Bain, it’s worth reading this piece from Ezra Klein explaining how Mitt Romney’s experience should have taught Romney that the core Republican argument — that people are only unemployed because they’re…

Breakfast in America: May 10, 2012


Thursday links: Dave Weigel looks at the three flavors of conservative response to Obama’s announcement of support for gay marriage. I don’t get the argument that the announcement “comes too late for North Carolina.” Does anyone seriously believe that Obama…