Environmental Policy

Oil Industry Promises Jobs…Eventually


If you hear a number followed by a qualification — think about what that qualification means. And if you’re the oil industry…fire your public relations people. Barron’s has a pep rally story for conservatives, assuring right-leaning voters that America will…

Breakfast in America: June 12, 2012


Tuesday link roundup: Matthew O’Brien explains the dumbest thing the Europeans have done. Intriguingly, “inspiring hipster fashion” is not the subject of this article. Jeb Bush has successfully pissed off Grover Norquist. In other news, Jeb Bush is working hard…

Breakfast in America: May 4, 2012


Friday link roundup. The Avengers opened last night so I decided to create an Avengers themed roundup: Black Widow (because women are man-killers if given a chance): The Obama campaign unveiled “The Life of Julia” a trip through the fictional…