Foreign Policy

Weekly Podcast #56: Ugh Are We Really Talking About 2016?


Joe, Nick, and Allison gather to discuss the most recent BLS jobs report and what it means for the economy. Spoiler alert: Ben Bernanke is not doing his job correctly. They also turn to a discussion of 2016, specifically what…

Weekly Podcast: Inaugural Roundup

Joe and Nick chat about the President’s Second Inaugural Address and the fanfare around it. They also touch upon the Benghazi hearings and consider the electoral college changes pushed by conservative state governments.

Breakfast in America: January 10, 2012

I thought bitching about Susan Rice was ridiculous, but at least they had the Benghazi argument. But the Hagel objections are downright unreasonable. Now these jackholes are complaining about Jack Lew? I don’t think they get why they’re so¬†unpopular. Speaking…

Weekly Podcast: Trillion Dollar Coins?


Nick, Allison and Joe return to discuss the fiscal cliff resolution and pending fights over the debt ceiling and sequestration — including the trillion dollar coin that will save everyone. The gang also talks about Chuck Hagel and what makes…

Weekly Podcast: Has The Game Changed?


Nick and Allison join Joe to consider whether or not the tragedy in Newtown has finally changed the game on federal gun laws now that pro-gun Democrats and even some Republicans are finally expressing interest in tightening gun regulations. The…