Schedule Update

Just to give you an update on the next few hectic days here at Recess Appointment, we will be recording a short podcast tonight for release tomorrow. Then, like a good little liberal-leaning blogger, I will be attending the Netroots…

A Day Off

Well, I’m never happy to leave you all without an article, but I’m in Kentucky and heading home after the annual meeting to write the national college debate topic I will be back tomorrow though!

The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week


This is a difficult one because this is not as much “dumb” as it is “incomprehensibly sad.” Former Alabama Representative Artur Davis has abandoned the Democratic party to join the Republicans. What places this in the annals of “dumb” is…

Republican Lawmaker Meltdown


Every few months, a lawmaker has a complete meltdown captured on video and circulated throughout the series of tubes known as the internet. Has anyone ever noticed that almost every single time this happens, it’s a Republican? When a party…

Breakfast in America: May 30, 2012

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Wednesday links: Congratulations to Mitt Romney, who has finally clinched the GOP nomination. The media is notoriously wishy-washy about calling out stupid statements. This should give you a sense of how far out of reality Donald Trump is to elicit…