Gun Rights

Weekly Podcast #57: The Zimmerman Verdict & More Senate Follies


Joe and Nick sit down for a special, late week talk about the fallout of the non-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case. Guns, race, and bad lawyering are the talk of the day. Then they discuss the candidacy of…

Weekly Podcast: Happy Anniversary


The podcast celebrates its first anniversary with an episode recapping the Boston case, the quiet death of background checks, how dumb Maureen Dowd is, challenges in Syria, and the end of austerity as anything approximating an “intellectual” doctrine. All this…

The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week


[For those of you who blog, you may be recognizing that the newest WordPress update is terrible. Here’s another example. Apparently last Friday’s article didn’t publish even though I absolutely wrote it and published it. So here it is for…

Breakfast in America: January 16, 2012


Brett O’Donnell dominated Michele Bachamann like Rasputin? That’s not fair. Rasputin couldn’t be destroyed, and I’ve coached a legion of students that’ve whipped Brett’s kids. John Boehner has disregarded the Hastert Rule twice in a few weeks. Rumor has it we’re…

Breakfast in America: January 11, 2012


Oh Jeez…Fox News doesn’t understand how money works. Never underestimate how much conservatives want massive spending programs and try to get other Americans to support them. Gov. Rick Scott reminds everyone that Republicans can’t deal with “facts.”