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Breakfast in America: January 11, 2012


Oh Jeez…Fox News doesn’t understand how money works. Never underestimate how much conservatives want massive spending programs and try to get other Americans to support them. Gov. Rick Scott reminds everyone that Republicans can’t deal with “facts.”

Breakfast in America: December 10, 2012

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Bill O’Reilly says something statistically insignificant about “right-to-work” states. Except this figure is driven entirely by North Dakota’s energy boom and the agricultural sector states. Fun fact…8 of the 12 lowest employed states are right-to-work states. I like Nick Kristof, which…

The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week


There’s a ton of Republican second-guessing over the election. Bobby Jindal and Lindsay Graham are trying to change the Republican Party itself, blaming its inaccessible and close-minded approach for electoral losses. These critiques seem to overlook the role that both…