Weekly Podcast: Not-So-Super Grover

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Joe, Nick, and Allison discuss the fall of Grover Norquist who went from the most powerful man in Washington to the subject of hundreds of articles touting his irrelevance in a matter of weeks. The panel also talks about the…

Weekly Podcast: Scoping Out the Cliff


Joe, Nick and Allison discuss the looming fiscal cliff, culminating with their first predictions for the 2016 race! The panel also discusses the practice of gerrymandering (and Joe goofs by implying that only Republicans have been guilty of the practice…

Weekly Podcast: Election Recap and Supreme Court Talk


The usual suspects are joined by Elie Mystal of Above the Law¬†to gloat about the election results and sacrifice the customary goat to our overlord Nate Silver. We also discuss the sex scandal involving Gen. David Petraeus where Elie, the…

Weekly Podcast: Election Day!


Well it’s finally here. The gang talks about last minute campaign developments like Romney’s show of strength/desperation move in Pennsylvania, run down the reasons liberals should still be nervous and make some predictions. And Kathryn sneezes a lot.


Weekly Podcast: This Is The Story Of The Hurricane


Remember when we didn’t provide an episode a couple weeks back? We made up for it this week with a shortened podcast recorded while the lights flickered moments before Hurricane Sandy made landfall where the panel discusses the possible political…

Weekly Podcast: Debate Season Winds Down


Joe, Nick, and Allison review the town hall debate and preview the foreign policy debate. Joe thinks Libya is no longer an issue for the Romney campaign to exploit and Nick bemoans China bashing.

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Weekly Podcast: Debate Recap


Nick and Allison join Joe to discuss the first presidential debate, Jim Lehrer’s swan song, and poor, battered Big Bird. Jobs numbers continued their positive trend sparking hysterical conservatives to allege corruption. And we all look forward to Grandpa Joe…

Weekly Podcast: Listen to Me


Kathryn finally rejoins Joe, Nick and Allison just in time to preview the first presidential debate. The gang discusses the new format for the debate, the strategies of both Romney and Obama and offers both some last-minute advice straight out…

Weekly Podcast: Pancho and Lefty


The Romney campaign spent last week¬†recasting this election as a conflict between “Pancho and Lefty” — Barack Obama the “Lefty” on one side and Mitt Romney the “antiquated and racist stereotype of a Latino” on the other. Joe does not…