Weekly Podcast: You Say Potato…I Say Massive Tax Increase


Joe, Allison, Kathryn, and Nick gather once again to discuss the June jobs report where an 80K job increase is really a decrease and the gang looks at Obama’s proposal to extend the Bush tax cuts for 98% of Americans…

Weekly Podcast: Justices, Europeans and Veeps, Oh My!


Joe, Nick, Kathryn AND Allison form a 4-person super panel to reflect on the legal and political ramifications of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act and muse about Germany’s consent to a possible Euro Crisis solution…

Weekly Podcast: The Least Dangerous Podcast


Elie Mystal of Abovethelaw.com joins Joe, Nick and Kathryn for a rousing discussion of “the least dangerous branch,” examining the Supreme Court decisions released on Monday and the predicting the outcome of Thursday’s Affordable Care Act challenge. Along the way,…

Weekly Podcast: Kanye and Benjamin Harrison


The title should intrigue you to listen even if you’re new to the podcast. Kathryn returns to the panel and we welcome Allison as a new panelist as we run through the Michigan GOP’s commitment to maintain “decorum” by barring…

Podcast Update

For those who listen to this week’s podcast, Nick cites to a couple of links and I promised to put them up on the website. Here are the Business Insider article and the NY Times article.

Weekly Podcast: Jeb Bush Channels Cory Booker…or Maybe George Romney?

Podcast image

This week Joe and Nick discuss Joe’s adventures at Netroots Nation 12, Obama and Romney hurling dueling gaffes at each other, and Jeb Bush trying to position himself as either a terrible surrogate or a renegade moderate Republican. Nick also…

Weekly Podcast: Numbers Numbers Numbers

Joe and Nick get weirdly obsessed with numbers discussing competing labor statistics and poll data. While recorded before the results of the Wisconsin Recall were known, they also discuss the broader implications of either result.

Weekly Podcast: Boisterous Blowhard Edition


Memorial Day schedules prevented the usual panel discussion, so Joe decided to record a solo podcast about an Investor Business Daily article that annoyed him. After 10 minutes of uninterrupted talking, Joe has a new, begrudging respect for Rush Limbuagh…

Weekly Podcast: Welcome to the Big Time Cory Booker


Joe, Kathryn and Nick recap the week that was with a whirlwind review of Bain Capital attacks, Cory Booker’s stumbling introduction to national politics and Mitt Romney teaching us that “North Atlantic” extends to “North Korea” for some reason. Plus,…

Weekly Podcast: Bully For Gay Marriage


The panel is at it again this week as Joe, Kathryn and Nick discuss President Obama’s announcement of support for marriage equality, Mitt Romney’s penchant for bullying, new ads taking aim at Bain Capital and Wall Street and why Michele…