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Weekly Podcast #55: Supreme Court — It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times


The full panel finally returns! Allison, Nick, and Joe discuss the end of the Supreme Court term from the highs regarding marriage equality and the lows involving voting rights and workplace and consumer rights. Is the problem a progressive movement…

Weekly Podcast: Palmetto Showdown


Special election time in South Carolina. Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Mark Sanford square off to determine… well, not very much in the grand scheme of things, but the winning party will pretend it’s a huge mandate. We continue our discussion…

Weekly Podcast: Election Recap and Supreme Court Talk


The usual suspects are joined by Elie Mystal of Above the Law¬†to gloat about the election results and sacrifice the customary goat to our overlord Nate Silver. We also discuss the sex scandal involving Gen. David Petraeus where Elie, the…