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Weekly Podcast: Circuit Breaker


A lot has happened while the gang was away. Joe and Nick discuss the President’s national security speech hinting at a reformed War on Terror and new drone usage policy unveiled right before another shakeup of the national security team.…

Weekly Podcast: Watergate


The full complement of Nick, Allison, Kathryn, and Joe is together for the first time in ages and discusses the State of the Union, Ted Cruz’s dubious debating skills, and “Water-gate” — the disastrous lunge for water made by Marco…

Weekly Podcast: Inaugural Roundup

Joe and Nick chat about the President’s Second Inaugural Address and the fanfare around it. They also touch upon the Benghazi hearings and consider the electoral college changes pushed by conservative state governments.

Weekly Podcast: If We Outlaw Death Stars, Only Outlaws Will Have Death Stars


Joe and Nick host solo and lament the death of the trillion dollar coin and the debt ceiling debate — is Obama losing leverage or is he itching for a fight. We preview the Second Inaugural Address and muse about…

Weekly Podcast: Trillion Dollar Coins?


Nick, Allison and Joe return to discuss the fiscal cliff resolution and pending fights over the debt ceiling and sequestration — including the trillion dollar coin that will save everyone. The gang also talks about Chuck Hagel and what makes…

The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week


Peggy Noonan encapsulates the vapid Republican political narrative in one article. In a nutshell the Republican argument against Obama is comprised of two paradoxes: (1) Obama is weak because he cannot enforce his will and Obama is overbearing; and, (2)…