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Breakfast in America: June 21, 2012


Thursday already? This week is just flying by. Nate Silver explains how he deals with outlier polls. Like, for instance, a certain Bloomberg poll from yesterday. An interesting article proposing that the Democrats are changing the nature of their New…

Ted Nugent, Free Speech & Violence


I just had an interesting twitter exchange with Ezra Klein (@EzraKlein) of the Washington Post and some of his followers about the inflammatory comments made over the weekend by Ted Nugent. The exchange fascinated me because it highlighted both a legal…

Breakfast in America: January 23, 2012

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Your morning links: Senator Bernie Sanders (and by extension PoliticusUSA) speaks some truth to the positions taken by the GOP field. It’s truly astonishing when cast so succinctly that the GOP seems fixated on cutting only successful programs. Lest someone…