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Weekly Podcast: You Say Potato…I Say Massive Tax Increase


Joe, Allison, Kathryn, and Nick gather once again to discuss the June jobs report where an 80K job increase is really a decrease and the gang looks at Obama’s proposal to extend the Bush tax cuts for 98% of Americans…

Oil Industry Promises Jobs…Eventually


If you hear a number followed by a qualification — think about what that qualification means. And if you’re the oil industry…fire your public relations people. Barron’s has a pep rally story for conservatives, assuring right-leaning voters that America will…

Weekly Podcast: Jeb Bush Channels Cory Booker…or Maybe George Romney?

Podcast image

This week Joe and Nick discuss Joe’s adventures at Netroots Nation 12, Obama and Romney hurling dueling gaffes at each other, and Jeb Bush trying to position himself as either a terrible surrogate or a renegade moderate Republican. Nick also…