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Weekly Podcast: Watergate


The full complement of Nick, Allison, Kathryn, and Joe is together for the first time in ages and discusses the State of the Union, Ted Cruz’s dubious debating skills, and “Water-gate” — the disastrous lunge for water made by Marco…

Breakfast in America: January 16, 2012


Brett O’Donnell dominated Michele Bachamann like Rasputin? That’s not fair. Rasputin couldn’t be destroyed, and I’ve coached a legion of students that’ve whipped Brett’s kids. John Boehner has disregarded the Hastert Rule twice in a few weeks. Rumor has it we’re…

Weekly Podcast: Kanye and Benjamin Harrison


The title should intrigue you to listen even if you’re new to the podcast. Kathryn returns to the panel and we welcome Allison as a new panelist as we run through the Michigan GOP’s commitment to maintain “decorum” by barring…