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Weekly Podcast: Circuit Breaker


A lot has happened while the gang was away. Joe and Nick discuss the President’s national security speech hinting at a reformed War on Terror and new drone usage policy unveiled right before another shakeup of the national security team.…

Breakfast in America: January 16, 2012


Brett O’Donnell dominated Michele Bachamann like Rasputin?┬áThat’s not fair. Rasputin couldn’t be destroyed, and I’ve coached a legion of students that’ve whipped Brett’s kids. John Boehner has disregarded the Hastert Rule twice in a few weeks. Rumor has it we’re…

Weekly Podcast: Bully For Gay Marriage


The panel is at it again this week as Joe, Kathryn and Nick discuss President Obama’s announcement of support for marriage equality, Mitt Romney’s penchant for bullying, new ads taking aim at Bain Capital and Wall Street and why Michele…