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Weekly Podcast: Election Day!


Well it’s finally here. The gang talks about last minute campaign developments like Romney’s show of strength/desperation move in Pennsylvania, run down the reasons liberals should still be nervous and make some predictions. And Kathryn sneezes a lot.


The Sadness of Newspaper Endorsements

"Lets keep doing exactly what we've done the last 100 years...there's no way we're on the wrong side of this history thing."

I just noticed this article rounding up the latest newspaper editorial board endorsements of this presidential election cycle. While both campaigns seek endorsements and both subsequently tout the newspaper endorsements they receive, the whole process fills me with a sense…

Reality Is What The Media Makes It


Check out this article from a couple days ago. Basically Mitt Romney is doing very few events as though he’s coasting to victory and Barack Obama is ruthlessly campaigning himself hoarse as a scrappy challenger. Isn’t it clear that Romney…

Weekly Podcast: Debate Season Winds Down


Joe, Nick, and Allison review the town hall debate and preview the foreign policy debate. Joe thinks Libya is no longer an issue for the Romney campaign to exploit and Nick bemoans China bashing.

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