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The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week


So much dumb this week coming out of conservative circles performing the traditional post-mortem of the Romney campaign. They lost because of Hurricane Sandy and Chris Christie. Because of Hurricane Isaac or even vote suppression. Or maybe single women. Pretty…

Weekly Podcast: Election Day!


Well it’s finally here. The gang talks about last minute campaign developments like Romney’s show of strength/desperation move in Pennsylvania, run down the reasons liberals should still be nervous and make some predictions. And Kathryn sneezes a lot.


Spinning Jimmy Carter

"He's history's greatest monster!"

I’ve expressed my confusion over the bizarre conservative strategy of constantly invoking Jimmy Carter throughout this campaign despite the fact that huge swaths of the electorate don’t remember the Carter administration and he is a popular former President, but I…

Breakfast in America: August 28, 2012


Ready for your daily, “GOP has gotten so crazy it’s former stars are defecting” update.¬†Former Republican Governor of Florida Charlie Crist is going to speak at the Democratic Convention next week. Why are people like Crist jumping ship? Because the…

Breakfast in America: July 24, 2012


U.S. Debt yields are at an all-time low. Why the hell aren’t we borrowing money hand over fist? Oh, right, because Republicans don’t understand the economy. Dan Wetzel describes Penn State’s sanctions as “worse than the death penalty.“ Nate Silver…